Good London Catering Services for Weddings

One of the most important events that an individual will attend in their lifetime is their own wedding. There are many different elements that are involved in the pefect wedding. One of these is the food that is going to be served at the reception. Most often this requires some type of catering service in London. The following are just a few of many caterers in London that have made wedding catering their specialty.

Spook Cooking

One of the greatest features about Spook Cooking is their diversity in what they have to offer for their wedding menus. They have the ability to keep the food being served at the wedding simple yet elegant. Clients have the option of choosing from a large array of finger foods to full sit down dinners.


PenniBlack is able to provide a full catering menu that is applicable to weddings no matter what time of day the event is. For the early bird weddings they have a four course wedding breakfast. This may be just for the small bridal event or the intimate wedding. Either way it does create some interesting options.

Seasoned Events

Seasoned Events is a catering company in London that has a very impressive reputation. They go beyond the standard catering services. They believe that the little touches that they offer makes the wedding that much more special. Their menu can be unique in that it includes midnight street food. Another option they offer is personalized menus. This means everyone has the choice of making their wedding menu unique.

These are just three of many fine caterers that will make the wedding day extra special. A couple of things to keep in mind is to make sure that there is an accurate guest count. Also, that their services are booked early as they are all popular and very busy.