What Are the Catering Responsibilities

There are many different types of catering businesses. Each of them has their own set of responsibilities. They are dealing with the public on different levels. Based on this they must follow the rules and regulations as they pertain to their business.


Even if the catering company is not serving food from a fixed location they must still register their business. They must have some location where the food is being stored and prepared. The government is very strict about the condition of this location. Depending on the type of catering business being conducted there may be a need for licences. In many cases those that are catering to events such as weddings or business events they may not need a specific licence.

Health and Safety

No matter how the food is going to be served there are strict regulations for the handling of the food. This is in relation to health and safety. The food preparation premises must be exceptionally clean. Handlers must wash their hands before and after handling foods. Cross contamination has to be avoided. The surfaces that the food is being prepared on must be sanitized according to the specific regulations for this.

Food Transportation

Caterers often have to transport the prepared food. There are some caterers that do prepare the food on location. When transporting it must be done at the proper temperatures for the food. Food that is meant to be hot that is not going to be heated at the location has to be kept at the designated temperature for it. The food must be transported in the proper containers. So that they cannot be contaminated during transport.

Food Storage

Quite often caterers will prepare food ahead of time. They know have the responsibility of making sure that it is properly stored. The same goes for the ingredients that are used for the preparing of different food dishes.