What are Catering Menus Best Practices

Running a catering business comes with a lot of responsibilities. It also requires a lot of decisions. One of these will be the menus. It all depends on the type of catering service as to what the menu will be comprised of. Each catering speciality may have its common types of foods.

Menus for Wedding Catering

Most often caterers that specialise in weddings and social gatherings will have a few selections of foods on their menus. They need to give their clients some options. The selection will depend on the type of service that the catering company is offering. If they offer buffets only then the food selection will be appropriate for this type of food delivery. It often is made up of a selection of finger foods. Then there are more elaborate food offerings that are comprised of a selection of hot foods. Normally there will be a variety of foods.

If the catering company is offering a sit-down meal, then the menu may be restricted to no more than three choices. In many cases, this includes the choice of two types of meat or a fish dish. Then added to this will be a selection of vegetables. Along with a choice of a few desserts. Normally the menu will be set according to pricing.

Corporate Catering Menus

The menus for catering to corporate events usually have to be ones that will fit into a schedule. These types of events don’t allow for the same amount of time for food consumption as social events do. It means that the catering companies have to recognize this. The menus will often be comprised of different types of sandwiches. There may be a selection of hot or cold choices. Platters of finger foods such as a variety of vegetables and cheeses are quite common.